Melsta Laboratories opens branches in Karapitiya and Kurunegala

Melsta Laboratories opens branches in Karapitiya and Kurunegala

The recently launched Melsta Laboratories is set to be an industry-wide game-changer, as the pioneering stand-alone laboratory operation in Sri Lanka. Melsta Laboratories is a fully owned subsidiary of Melstacorp PLC one of Sri Lanka's largest and most respected conglomerates which is headed by business magnate, Harry Jayawardane. Melsta Laboratories was initiated with the objective of providing the highest quality medical testing available in the country while making it accessible and affordable to all Sri Lankans. The organization's state-of-the-art laboratories provide the most comprehensive range of testing services, where patients can obtain all their diagnosis at a single, easy to access location.

To achieve this Melsta Laboratories utilize only the highest quality equipment, reagents, and devices from world-renowned manufacturers, which exceeds international quality standards. In addition to sourcing equipment from Germany, France, the USA, and Japan, the laboratory strictly adheres to European quality assurance guidelines.

Furthermore, Melsta Laboratories has employed the most experienced lab consultants and medical laboratory technologists. In addition to this, Melsta Laboratories also ensures that patients are always given the most convenient and specialized service. The main objective of Melsta Laboratories is to ensure that world-class laboratory services are available throughout the island, to all Sri Lankans and at an affordable cost.

Speaking about this revolutionary venture, Chairman Harry Jayawardena had this to say. "Melsta Laboratories much like all our other ventures aims to broaden and improve the scope of the industry so that it is on par with the best in the world for accuracy of medical lab reports. To do this, we have imported the very best equipment and our team of medical professionals consists of the island's finest and foremost lab consultants and technicians. All our partners, associates, and department heads come with an outstanding record of effective clinical care, which consists of diverse and highly specialized areas of medicine, including high-end research".

Melsta Laboratories have an ambitious plan to revolutionize the healthcare industry over the next few years and is well on track to achieving this with the first phase of operations being a resounding success. Today, Melsta Laboratories offers gold standard laboratory solutions with the widest range of testing available on the island. To ensure a standard of quality that is the best in the businesses, Melsta Laboratories have a number of Centres of Excellence in Histopathology, Haematology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Immunology, etc. The Centres of Excellence provide technological and professional leadership within the organization and act as nerve centres for advancement in their respective areas of expertise.

Speaking about the first phase of Melsta Laboratories and the remarkable headway already made, Aruna Jayakody, Director -Melsta Laboratories had this to say, "Our high-end reference laboratory located in Colombo, and Regional Laboratories in Karapitiya, Kandy, and Kurunegala, utilize best-in-class technologies in clinical lab medicine to bring modern techniques closer to every citizen. To cater to the modern demands of the patient, we are introducing IT infrastructure seamlessly integrated with a customer-friendly mobile app which will store and download results, including data analytics to provide value-added services such as result trends, age-related comparison, locally developed reference ranges and so much more.

Through these innovations in digital pathology, we aim to transcend borders and make expertise and technology accessible across Sri Lanka at an affordable price which ensures the best-quality laboratory testing is available to all Sri Lankans".

Melsta Laboratories also offers a wide range of innovations and conveniences. Such as multiple quality assurance checks at every stage, testing is supervised and managed by some of the most experienced lab technologists and scientists, who are guided by a team of reputed full-time consultant pathologists. All reports are checked and authenticated by this team of specialists and are delivered with the guarantee of accuracy, consistency, and quality.

Melsta Laboratories has also formed a technical partnership with Asia's Biggest and most trusted Laboratory network, SRL Ltd. Other facilities include a dedicated 24-hour hotline to handle inquiries. The hotline is also designed to cater to clinicians and patients, in the event of special emergencies.

Additionally, Melsta Laboratories offers a home visit service. The chain of laboratories also has many plans for the future which is in line with Melsta Laboratories' aspirations of providing the very best service, in shaping a healthier, happier, thriving nation.