RT-PCR Testing
RT-PCR Testing

Melsta Labs is a government approved PCR testing facility for providing high quality quick turnaround Covid-19 testing. Our Molecular Biology laboratory floor was designed from ground-up to comply with guidelines set by the College of American Pathologists (CAP), with dedicated Pre-Analytical area, extraction area, Pre-PCR room, PCR Room, Post- PCR & Reporting Areas, Sample Storage facilities and the industrys most recognised sterility system which gives us the unprecedented ability to guarantee safety of all personnel, equipment and medical waste disposal. All medical waste is autoclaved and disposed in accordance to WHO medical waste management protocols through Government approved waste management service providers.

We operate according to pre-determined protocols which we make available to our clients to ensure that we are transparent with our transactions with the ultimate goal of assuring your wellbeing and safety.

For Corporate Clients

We work with many leading corporate clients in Sri Lanka for all PCR testing requirements, and are much sought after for our professional approch to provide a high quality experience for your medical needs. Our current clients include some of the leading Conglomorates, Telecommunications companies, International Airlines, Manufacturing companies, Apparel manufacturers, BPOs, FMCG companies, Banks, and Travel companies, to name a few. All testing will be arranged confidentially and conveniently to suit your company needs.Please call 0115 086 011 to find out how you can partner with the best PCR laboratory in Sri Lanka for your Corporate Covid-19 PCR testing requirements.

Mobile Collection - Individual

At Melsta Labs, your wellbeing and convenience are of utmost priority. With strict adherence to safety precautions and protocols, our team will provide the service in the convenience of your own home.

Drive Through Testing

Melsta Labs is now offering your PCR testing to be performed in the convenience of your own vehicle. With strict adherence to the guidelines we follow, this will ensure that you will not be exposed to any harmful diseases from external sources. You may call our dedicated PCR hotline on 0115 086 011 for further information or make a booking through www.echannelling.com